“Auxano” defined by greek mythology means “To initiate growth”.

Founded in 2016, Auxano is a venture capital firm focused on investing in growth stage businesses with sustainable & scalable business models, driven by robust teams. Founded by Ashish Padiyar and Brijesh Damodaran who believe that entrepreneurs have a unique ability to make a positive impact for the economy as well as the society.

Auxano is looking forth with a vision of entrepreneurship, innovation and growth.

For Entrepreneurs, we believe in empowering founders through guided direction, streamlining of processes fueled by a shared dream to scale to new heights.

For Investors, we provide a systematic process of investing in businesses, backed by driven founders, passionate on problem solving & focused on sustainable business models.


  • Guneet Bedi

    Guneet Bedi

    Venture Partner

  • Dr. Archit Shah

    Dr. Archit Shah

    Investment Analyst

  • Kanuj Jadwani

    Kanuj Jadwani

    Investment Analyst

  • Karan Gupta

    Karan Gupta

    Investment Associate

  • Arun Seth

    Arun Seth

    Chief Mentor

  • Rakesh Rana

    Rakesh Rana

    Finance & Regulatory

  • Brijesh Damodaran Nair

    Brijesh Damodaran Nair

    Founding Partner

  • Ashish Padiyar

    Ashish Padiyar

    Founding Partner


There is a glowing star in the constellation of the business ecosystem: North Star!

Focus and simplicity... once you get there, you can move mountains!! - Steve Jobs

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