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  • Auxano Entrepreneur Fund typically invests in companies that can innovate and scale globally. We are looking to invest sectors such as healthcare, financial services, commerce, education, software tech and deep tech.

  • At Auxano, our first criteria for investing is the potential of the entrepreneur. Therefore, we rely on their judgements for the business operations. Although as investors we understand our responsibilities, therefore we have reporting structure in place to ensure we are up to date with the company’s progress and we raise flags if there are any discrepancies with the MIS reports.
    Beyond this at the request of our investee companies, we provide them Legal, Compliance and Financial guidance along with support for various business functions like Marketing, HR, Strategizing, and anything & everything where we can add value

  • Typically, we look forward to investing in subsequent rounds but such investments are solely dependent on performance, diligence and compliance of the company in the past.

  • We are sector agnostics and focused primarily on the growth potential and past performance. In consumer segment we scout for companies attractive to build a strong consumer proposition and in business segment companies building commercial applications at scale for the global market.

  • 1. The vision should be clear
    2. The objective of the business should be explainable in under 10 words
    3. The right investor corresponding to the life stage of the business should be approached
    4. A comprehensive and easy to understand business plan should be prepared & shared.
    5. The Business plan should clearly depict the milestone along with strategy for deployment of funds

  • The best way is to be introduced through a portfolio founder who knows you personally and can vouch for you! If you don’t know anyone who can introduce you to Auxano, then just head to our pitch form, fill in your details and submit your pitch deck.

  • 1. Introduction
    2. Executive Summary
    3. Team
    4. Product/Service
    5. Opportunity Analysis
    6. Problem Analysis
    7. Strategy
    8. Value Chain Analysis
    9. Competitor Analysis
    10. Value Proposition
    11. Operating Model Flowchart
    12. Revenue Model Flowchart
    13. Growth Action Plan
    14. Financials
    15. Appendix (Supporting document if any, for the above)

  • Auxano prefers ventures that have achieved a degree of customer validation (product already launched in market) and are demonstrating early signs of go-to market product fit. We do not fund business plans or ideas on excel or PowerPoint. We fund only the ones in action! We do not have any typical ticket size or rigidity towards the stake. We invest in “Businesses with High Growth Potential, run by Dynamic Entrepreneurs available at Attractive Valuation”

  • As per our play book, we can summarize the checklist into three broad criteria to evaluate startups
    1. TAM, SAM, SOM
    2. Balanced Team
    3. Defensibility
    Together which leads to a sustainable growth oriented dynamic business. Our pitch book does not act as a rule of thumb but a guiding principal to evaluate objectively and holistically, with least possible errors omissions.

  • The timeline may vary, patience & persistence prevails. The timeline varies between 1 month from the first interaction to up to 6 months. Although we highly value time both ours & yours and under no circumstances willfully delay the process.

  • A complete no for Non-scalable business models and businesses at the ideation stage. Beyond that everything is welcome with an open mind.