• MilkBasket

    Industry : E-Grocer

    Company Headquarters : Gurgaon, Haryana

    “Your Online Grocery Shopping Partner”

    Milkbasket is India's first subscription based micro-delivery service fulfilling daily grocery and household needs of customers every morning. They deliver milk, bread, eggs, juices, butter, and other daily items needed every morning, right at the customer's doorstep, free of charge.


  • Aereo (previously Aarav Unmanned Systems (AUS))

    Industry : Drone Systems

    Company Headquarters : Bangalore, India

    “One Stop Solution for Enterprise Drones”

    Aereo, India’s pioneer and leading commercial drone company that provides End-to-End integrated managed solutions. With registered IPs over drone design, algorithms, data analytics and monetization techniques, it is also the FIRST company to get a Small Category (> 2kg weight) drone certified by the DGCA, India.


  • WIOM by i2e1

    Industry : Data Analytics and Discovery Platform/ Wi-Fi Management

    Company Headquarters : New Delhi, India

    “A better world with Information to Everyone”

    Wiom partners with internet providers to offer affordable, unlimited internet to middle and lower-middle-income households in India. Wiom installs wifi setups and facilitates the secondary sale of unused data.


  • Glynk

    Industry : Community Platform

    Company Headquarters : San Francisco, California

    “Community Platform driving growth through community relationship management”

    Glynk develops platforms for community building for businesses of all sizes. It allows for private and confidential community engagement that enables businesses to function seamlessly. It allows for customer acquisition through an online presence with an accelerated resolution on customer queries.


  • The Office Pass (TOP)

    Industry : Co-Working Industry

    Company Headquarters : New Delhi, India

    “Neighborhood Co-Working (NCW) spaces available every 5 kms”

    The Office Pass provides an integrated solution to lease office spaces within every 5 kms, while sustaining a quality standard across all its offerings, and at competitive & affordable prices.


  • Coffee Bond

    Industry : Hospitality Industry

    Company Headquarters : New Delhi, India

    “Your True Coffee Partner for Premium Speciality Coffee”

    Coffee Bond has a wide range of specialty coffee that guarantees a premium experience to the consumer. It allows for online order placement of the hot beverage customised as per your liking. They focus on quality ingredients and healthy food offerings along with a passion to deliver exclusive customer experience.


  • Avishkaar

    Industry : Edtech

    Company Headquarters : New Delhi, India

    “ Integrating Edtech with Robotics, App Development & IoT”

    Avishkaar provides learning kits and certified microdegrees for courses targeted at Robotics, App Development and IoT Development. With patented products - Learning Kits (Beginner to Pro series)- Robotics Kits, IoT Kits, Maker Boards, Avishkaar 3D printer, it joins in the learning experience of over 200,000 children PAN India.


  • MarketWolf By FnO

    Industry : FinTech

    Company Headquarters : Singapore

    “Futures and Options- Anyone Can Trade”

    FnO provides a one-stop solution through its offerings, i.e. FnO Play which is a day trading platform for new traders accessible through mobile phones, and FnO X being a trade execution platform with a personalised virtual trading assistant for experienced traders. Trade on the go!!


  • PrimeOS

    Industry : Enterprise Tech

    Company Headquarters : New Delhi, India

    “Online Extra-Curricular Learning Classes ”

    Pika Pika classes offer curated online courses on Chess, Rubik’s cube, Mental Maths and STEM for kids aged from 6-14 years. The PikaPika App focuses on creating a safe digital environment for kids through a parental control App (for usage through mobiles and tablets).


  • PetSutra

    Industry : Pet Industry

    Company Headquarters : Gurgaon, Haryana

    “Making Pet Parenting Easy”

    PetSutra, with an endeavour to make pet-parenting easy by providing three key pillars through its offerings. i.e . Information on nutritional and lifestyle needs of pets , Connection between pet parents and service providers and Fulfillment of orders through multi-brand e-commerce platform.


  • Stockal

    Industry : FinTech

    Company Headquarters : New Delhi, India

    “Investing Without Borders”

    Stockal through its PaaS (Platform-as-a-service) solution allows investors placed in India, Middle East, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand to invest in US, UK, Germany, Hong Kong. Stockal’s AI-enabled platform curates personalized investing ideas and insights, automates portfolio monitoring, and executes trades. It has digitized the LRS paperwork aiding investors doing forex transfers swiftly. Auxano invested in Stockal in 2020.



  • Clevergene

    Industry : HealthTech- Genomics

    Company Headquarters : Bangalore, India

    “Discovery Genomics & Genetics Diagnostics”

    Clevergene through genome sequencing will provide a prognostic and diagnostic tool to bring down treatment expenses for consumers that are ill-informed about their genetic makeup. It provides genomics big data analytics where it uses high performance computing architectures and technologies to analyse large data sources generated through DNA sequencing. Its unique offering is “The Gene Lab” that caters to its direct to consumer market.


  • Edugorilla

    Industry : Edtech

    Company Headquarters : Lucknow, India

    “Online Mock Tests for State Competitive Exams in Vernacular languages”

    Edugorilla provides a one-stop platform to students preparing for state competitive exams in vernacular languages. With a vision to create an ever-expanding collaborative platform that guides individuals at each step, of their career path.


  • Intents Mobi

    Industry : Smart Mobility

    Company Headquarters : Gurugram, Haryana

    “Situationally Aware Mobility”

    Intents Mobi collects data through its mobile application, position sensors, motion sensors and environment sensors- processes the data through its proprietary technology to provide regular alerts and notifications about traffic, location of speed breakers, potholes & street lights, road surface conditions and driving behaviour analysis.


  • Private Circle

    Industry : Business Intelligence

    Company Headquarters : Bangalore, India

    “Bloomberg + LinkedIn for Unlisted Companies”

    Private Circle provides a platform that enables efficiencies in finding, connecting & engaging with potential investors, customers and vendors, by leveraging accurate Data, insightful analysis, machine learning & artificial intelligence.


  • Edukemy

    Industry : EdTech

    Company Headquarters : Noida, Uttar Pradesh

    "Enable True Online Learning Through Effective Teaching and Personalized Learning Paths"

    Edukemy is a non –STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) EdTech company offering an immersive learning experience to the students, supported by cutting-edge technology and an AI-based evaluation system. It enables online test preparation for students preparing for Administrative and Government services (UPSC + SSC).


  • Mugafi

    Industry : Content Creator's Economy

    Company Headquarters : Gurugram

    Creating, Democratizing and Monetizing Content in the Creator's Economy

    Unlu is an online platform offering personalized video messages from celebrities wherein users can select, request, and receive video messages from listed celebrities on the platform. It is a one stop solution for fans, celebrities and brands to engage through the means of video messages, social media shoutouts, masterclasses, live sessions and brand endorsements.


  • MEDdelivery

    Industry : Logistics & Supply Chain

    Company Headquarters : Jaipur

    Transforming Pharma & Medical Supply Chain

    MEDdelivery is a technology driven company providing PaaS solution (Platform as a service) to pharmacies. It enables pharmacies to procure supplies from multiple stockists/ suppliers through their proprietary app on a continuous basis. The orders from such suppliers are then aggregated at MEDdelivery’s aggregation Centre, allowing for integrated logistics.


  • Expertrons

    Industry : EdTech

    Company Headquarters : Mumbai

    Filling the void of personalized career guidance in a mosaic of domains

    Expertrons is the world’s first AI video bot platform created to help students and professionals prepare for interviews and increase their chances to get hired through referrals. It connects aspirants with experts from top companies who provide them with tips and tricks to crack their dream jobs.



    Industry : Workflow Automation

    Company Headquarters : Bangalore

    Enabling Automated Business Workflows via Cloud - based Video Communication Platforms is a cloud-based video communication platform focused to help businesses use video conferencing to deliver customer service. Its PaaS (Platform-as-a-service) model helps its clients integrate live video interaction with an array of tools that allows for automation of day-to-day business workflows.


  • F5 Refreshments

    Industry : Micro delivery

    Company Headquarters : New Delhi

    Own the demand & supply for daily workplace refreshments by positioning the brand as one-stop solution

    F5 app enables its users to subscribe and manage their subscriptions for their daily refreshment requirements (food and beverages) at the workplace. The products are prepared and packed at the company operated cloud kitchens and are delivered via the proprietary micro delivery logistics module.



    Industry : Agri-Tech

    Company Headquarters : Bengaluru

    A new age digital platform that aims to offer one stop solution for all farmer's needs.

    Faarms is India’s fastest growing Digital marketplace for the farming community. It is primarily an input procurement marketplace that delivers farm Agri products to the farm gate. It also provides various financing solutions specifically curated for farmers & also operates a multi-lingual knowledge platform which allows the Indian Farmer to achieve higher productivity & lower cost in an eco-friendly manner. They are present in 7 states covering 50K+ Villages having 750K monthly GMV & 35K+ app downloads. So far they have raised $12Mn from various international HNI’s, Amar ujala group & others.


  • Trezi

    Industry : Deep-tech

    Company Headquarters : Noida, U.P.

    AR/VR led technology transforming design experience for the building industry

    Trezi- TRansforming dESIgn, is a VR-first design collaboration product that enables multiple project stakeholders to experience the design at full scale all in an immersive VR environment. Building metaverse for AEC Industry “Treziverse '', it has won multiple accolades from NASSCOM, Microsoft, Frost & Sullivan & has key customers like Gensler, Schneider, L&T etc.


  • Loankuber

    Industry : Fintech

    Company Headquarters : Delhi

    Managed marketplace for mortgage lending

    Loankuber enables mortgage lending to low income communities aiding their financial wellbeing. It leverages the power of data mining and analytics through its proprietary platform ‘Atom’ that helps in collecting and processing fuzzy property data from multiple databases to identify “Self-Occupied Residential Properties” and enable lending against them, unlocking the economic value of semi/urban rural properties to help improve financial health of the Next Half billion.



  • Moonshine

    Industry : Alcobev

    Company Headquarters : Pune

    Moonshine is Asia and India's first craft Meadery that makes Meads, an alcoholic drink made from honey.

    Moonshine manufactures mead-based sustainable low-alcohol craft beverages. Moonshine sits at the confluence of Lo-alcohol, carbonated & flavourful beverages. Product caters to a large Millennial & Gen Z population – over 350 million young adults who are going to enter the legal drinking age group in the next 10 years and to capture 5% of the Indian carbonated beverage market. So far the company has raised $3.5Mn from HNI’s and marquee angel investors.


  • Mprofit

    Industry : Fintech

    Company Headquarters : Mumbai

    Enabling investors & wealth professionals to track and automate multi-asset investments

    M-Profit a Tech SaaS product which allows users to auto-import transaction files in various formats from 700+ brokers Provides advanced insights: IRR, Capital Gains, Asset Allocation etc. Today on their platform INR 115,000+ Cr (~$14 billion) Invested AUM, 1.2 Lakhs + portfolios are managed with presence of their customer base over 300 cities across India. They are backed by the leading stock broking platform of India along with other fintech founders.


  • Polymatech

    Industry : Semiconductors

    Company Headquarters : Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu

    India's first semiconductor chips manufacturer.

    Polymatech operates as India's first center for the production of semiconductor chips and related ancillaries, along with a dedicated focus on research and development. The company specializes in Opto-semiconductors, Horticulture and Sanitization LEDs, Luminaries, Integrated Chips, and Controllers, offering a range of products widely utilized in industries such as Automobiles, Hardware and IoT, Computing, Communications, and Smart Mobiles.


  • Frendy

    Industry : Consumer/ Retail

    Company Headquarters : Ahmedabad, Gujarat

    Omni channel & digitally connect hub & spoke convenience store network for small towns

    Frendy aims at advancing digital commerce in underserved communities throughout India. The organization adopts a strategy centered on providing convenience through a retail model encompassing various formats complementing each other.