“Auxano” defined by greek mythology means “To initiate growth”.

Founded in 2016, Auxano is a venture capital firm focused on investing in growth stage businesses with sustainable & scalable business models, driven by robust teams. Founded by Ashish Padiyar and Brijesh Damodaran who believe that entrepreneurs have a unique ability to make a positive impact for the economy as well as the society.

Auxano is looking forth with a vision of entrepreneurship, innovation and growth.

For Entrepreneurs, we believe in empowering founders through guided direction, streamlining of processes fueled by a shared dream to scale to new heights.

For Investors, we provide a systematic process of investing in businesses, backed by driven founders, passionate on problem solving & focused on sustainable business models.


  • Anupam

    Rakesh Rana

    Finance & Regulatory

  • Anupam

    Brijesh Damodaran Nair

    Founding Partner

  • Anupam

    Swadha Agarwal

    Investment Analyst

  • Anupam

    Shubham Chand

    Compliance Officer

  • Anupam

    Karan Gupta

    Investment Associate

  • Anupam

    Ashish Padiyar

    Founding Partner


What makes a UX work for a startup?

If you are a startup offering a product with the best design and features and are still unable to capture the market, the focus needs to move from the design to the user experience (UX). Obsessively changing the product design, would be the equivalent of going down a rabbit hole.

Auxano Bytes Ep.2- With Sanjit Singh Randhawa, Managing Director, Bacardi India

In our episode today, we would be sitting down for a conversation with someone who has more than 3 decades of experience to his credit, our guest today has carved a name for himself in the beverages and spirits space. Mr. Sanjit Singh Randhawa, has been in the beverage and brewery industry for a major part of his corporate life.

Decoding Transaction Documents In Fund Raise

There are 2 crucial transaction documents for execution in the Fund Raise, namely: 1. Shareholders Agreement (SHA) 2. Share Subscription Agreement (SSA)