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We believe that the growth of an enterprise begins with a small step, which with the vision, passion and resources, drive the enterprise. And we have been able to drive home this point since 2016.

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We are proud to be associated with our portfolio companies, who dofulfill a certain need of the larger population.

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Sep 19,2020
Deep Dive into Unit Economics
In our earlier blog (Achieving Profitability) we saw the golden ring of profitability. Unit Economics being an elementary matrix for evaluation, it is empirical to deep dive to understand unit economics and decode it ... Read More
Sep 14,2020
Customer Acquisition Management
No matter how incredible a product or service is, there is no guarantee that potential users and customers will come flocking or even be aware that it exists. For any start-up, customer acquisition management must be a key part of ... Read More
Sep 09,2020
Convertible Instruments
Compulsory Convertible Preference Shares (CCPS) & Convertible Notes are increasingly becoming preferred investment instrument for investors and promoters. Conversion of CCPS/Notes to ... Read More
Aug 10,2020
Competitive Mapping
Often in the pitch deck, there is a slide on Perceptual Mapping and never have I received a deck where any other competitor is placed better off than the proposing company. It is important to note that as the name suggests its ... Read More
Jul 27,2020
Innovations For The Future
Confucius said, “Study the past if you would define the future”. With the current time threatening the humanity, it got us to think, “What could it hold for the benefit of the humanity!!!” And to know the probable answers, ... Read More
Jun 15,2020
Achieving Profitability – The New Golden Ring
With the debacles of 2019, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that investors are feeling burned. To top it all the ongoing pandemic and the following expected slowdown has led investors ... Read More
May 08,2020
Introduction to business plan
In the coming decade we can expect India to be leading the VC funded business economy in the world. It is important to make the environment reliable and efficient. The means to achieve the same is Communication. Let’s begin ... Read More
Apr 01,2020
Increase engagement with your Pitch Deck
At Auxano we have received numerous pitch decks till date. Having spent hours into research over these decks, common observations yielded were: 1. The flow of the pitch decks greatly coincided ... Read More
Dec 23,2019
I2E1 and New India
When the MNC’s were ruling the FMCG space , came a local native company introducing shampoos in sachets of Rs. 1 , way back in 1983. This one step changed the entire FMCG sector in India and today products sold through sachets ... Read More
Sep 18,2019
Compliance — Why the start-up entreprenuers ignore this??
You have a great plan, fantastic presentation, good financial mode, a team, which can scale up the business—all the ticks which are essential for the idea to grow and become ... Read More

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