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We believe that the growth of an enterprise begins with a small step, which with the vision, passion and resources, drive the enterprise. And we have been able to drive home this point since 2016.

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Our Portfolio

We are proud to be associated with our portfolio companies, who dofulfill a certain need of the larger population.

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Feb 24,2021
Compliance and its Relevance
Compliances ensure that an organization follows relevant laws, regulations, and business rules. When it comes to compliances, every statutory body incorporated or registered under respective legislature’s authorities are afraid ... Read More
Feb 20,2021
Marketing communication - What can go wrong??
Marketing Communication is amongst the most important functions in spearheading business growth and development. The communications involve various tools to communicate effectively and efficiently with the existing and/or potential ... Read More
Feb 17,2021
Who's watching your linkedin profile?
Imagine the following scenario. You develop a great deck, you have your pitch script ready and you and your team are hanging by the phone (or refreshing your inbox obsessively) to hear back from a VC firm. What you forget to ... Read More
Feb 13,2021
Fundamentals for crafting brand position
Positioning refers to: 1. The place a brand occupies in the minds of its target audience. 2. How it is distinguished from the products of the competitors. In general terms, there can be 4 broad types of positioning: ... Read More
Feb 10,2021
Red Flag list when pitching to a VC firm
Ever since I joined a VC firm, I have realised that there are many words/ actions (or lack thereof) help to build a holistic view of a company. When viewing a company there are many verbal and non- verbal signals that give away how ... Read More
Feb 06,2021
Improvement V/S Innovation - DNA for investing
Dreaming disruption We often hear about the need to invest in revolutionary projects, disruptive ideas and breakthrough models against established models. However, as the S-curve shows, disruptors often take years and multiple ... Read More

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If you have the passion, the drive, and the go-to market product.


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