I2E1 and New India

Dec 23, 2019

When the MNC’s were ruling the FMCG space , came a local native company introducing shampoos in sachets of Rs. 1 , way back in 1983.

This one step changed the entire FMCG sector in India and today products sold through sachets are an important part of an Indian household. Simliarly in 2017, i2e1, ( Information To Every One )initiated in the bylanes of Delhi / Bangalore, the availability of data in the sachets of Rs. 1 at your friendly neighborhood stores. Indian consumers love value for money and at the same time want to experience the best product at the lowest price point. Sachets allow both the product manufacturer and the consumer to experience the best.

Data is the new fuel and the appetite will only grow. The data sachets of i2e1 are also available in denominations of Rs.5,Rs. 10, Rs. 50 and Rs.100. So based on one’s need , the data can be used by the consumer. One would have noticed that , when the shopkeeper did not have change ,he used to offer toffees. Can the ‘data sachet’ be the new toffee.

Is i2e1 only about ‘low data sachet’?. Its also about providing insights of the consumers to retail outlets / corporations about consumer behavior through data analytics in real time.

I2e1 is the largest aggregator of wi-fi hotspots in India . With the Union Budget of 2018 , having a mission to setup 500,000 Wi-Fi hotspots , to provide wi-fi access over 50 million users in Tier II & Tier III cities, has not come at a better time to i2e1.

The wi-fi penetration across the cities and rural India is only set to increase in the coming days. The low cost mobile data plan being provided by the telecom players , is again a proof that data and not voice, where the future lies.

Today, i2e1 provides its client –the retailers including large MNC chains , real time data analytics, which the clients can use to proactively to engage the customers and increase the potential for sales. This also helps the customers by them having access to best offers and free reliable wi-fi network at their disposal.

The team running i2e1 has its feet firmly on the ground , with a hawk-like eye for detail and vision , which is what is required for an enterprise which is growing retailers and its clients to act on the real time information in a more productive manner, contributing both to the top and bottom line . This will also help the end users of wifi in getting a win-win deal.

The aim of Digital India is to improve online connection and internet connectivity and i2e1 with one of its role as a hotspot aggregator , and providing the connectivity , has its role cut out.

Author(s) :
Brijesh Damodaran     
Ashish Padiyar