Auxano Bytes Ep. 1: With Brijesh Damodaran, Founding Partner at Auxano

Jun 07, 2021

Launching the "Auxano Bytes" Podcast..! In our episode today, we would be sitting down for a conversation with someone, who is admired for his drive to turn his vision into a reality. An entrepreneur himself, he believes that true growth lies in empowering people to achieve their entrepreneurial dream, Mr. Brijesh Damodaran Nair, the Founding Partner at Auxano.

As we deep dive into the conversation , we start by understanding how he began his journey and what made him want to take that leap of faith onto his entrepreneurial vision. He also gives his insight into the Indian Startup ecosystem and how his learnings as an entrepreneur and investor has evolved the growth curve for Auxano.

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Author(s) :
Brijesh Damodaran Nair   
Karan Gupta   
Swadha Agarwal